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Token Utility

AAG token is the preferred ERC20 token of the AAG Platform. The AAG Platform consists of four main components:
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    MetaOne Wallet Engine - Allows any company to offer its customers access to Web3 by providing easy access and integration to a non-custodial crypto wallet in a secure and highly customizable manner. (No more using several apps to play one game; it’s like using social login, but for a wallet!) We provide not only an integrated SDK for client apps, but also a large set of APIs that helps companies easily access and manage pre-aggregated Web3 data.
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    MetaOne Wallet app - Unlocking banking-level experiences for Web3 wallet owners, with great UX, top-tier security, and full ownership of assets.
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    Saakuru gasless blockchain - Providing gas-less blockchain to ensure a comfortable experience for the user.
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    TomoOne gamification platform - Providing seamless interconnection of many different games, products, and platforms through the unified gamification layer.
AAG token will be implemented in all these products and services:

MetaOne SDK - Fee Reduction - Enterprise holders of the AAG token will receive a discount to our standard monthly fee. The more AAG Tokens that are held, the greater the fee reduction.

The formula on how pricing will be calculated for those companies is as follows:
  • MF = MAU * PPU - TA (CAPPED AT MAU) * 0.1 * PPU
  • Where: MF = Monthly Fee; PPU = Price per user; TA = Total allocation of AAG tokens
  • Discounts from AAG tokens apply up to the number of users, with no extra reduction for excess tokens. The maximum discount is capped at 10% per user, ensuring equitable pricing for all clients

Saakuru gasless blockchain - Fee Reduction - Enterprise holders of the AAG token will receive a discount on our standard monthly fee. The more AAG tokens that are held, the greater the fee reduction.

The formula for how pricing for developers will be calculated is as follows:
  • MF = TT * PPT - T * 2.5% * (TT * PPT)
  • Where: MF = Monthly fee; TT - Total transactions; PPT - Price per transaction; T - AAG Tier of the companies allocation
  • For example, TIER 9 will qualify for 22.5% discount on their Saakuru fees

Trading/Swap - Tiered Fee Reduction - AAG token holders on the MetaOne wallet participate in the Tiers program. For example, users who own 400k AAG tokens will only pay half of the Swap fee while swapping on MetaOne. Existing and future features that will be connected to the AAG Tiers program:

  • Swap
  • Earn (Staking products)
  • Lending (Getting loans cheaper)
  • Launchpad (New projects launchpad)

TomoOne - Fee Reduction - B2B and B2C models:

  • B2C:
    • Users will be able to buy TomoOne assets with a 10% discount by using AAG tokens instead of other available payment methods. Those tokens will be locked until the DAO of token holders decides what to do with them.
    • Users with higher AAG tiers will have access to limited edition assets airdrops.
  • B2B:
    • AAG is not charging and will not be charging partner companies who will integrate and release their products live until 2025. After that, the company will start charging new products with onboarding fees and usage fees for distributed rewards, and the company will use 30% of the generated revenue to organize airdrop events.
    • The company is receiving ad revenue. This revenue will be broken down into several allocations including 68% for development, 30% for AAG airdrops, and 2% for charity.

The AAG token will provide utility to the AAG Platform:

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    Increasing the visibility and attractiveness of the AAG token (e.g. decentralized AAG pairs will by default be accessed every time users use Uniswap or SushiSwap through the MetaOne dApp Store.)
  2. 2.
    Allowing different purchasing mechanisms with AAG tokens (Like TomoOne assets.)
  3. 3.
    Creating programs for our clients and partners to get better prices for AAG enterprise services if they are holding NFTs.
In summary, the AAG token ecosystem is crafted to foster both B2B and B2C relationships, leveraging a model that provides tangible benefits and incentives for all stakeholders involved. The strategic incorporation of the AAG token across a suite of products and services - from transaction fee reductions and asset discounts to rewarding community engagements through airdrops - not only encourages sustained token usage but fundamentally enhances the user experience. Furthermore, by consistently reallocating revenue streams to foster the growth, development, and vitality of the platform – including investments in developmental initiatives and charity – the AAG Platform ensures that it remains adaptable, resilient, and primed for future innovations. This will safeguard the long-term utility of the AAG token in an ever-evolving digital landscape.