AAG Ventures

AAG NFT Capital Boosts

AAG will be releasing several additions of NFTs to support our core project purposes. At the moment, we have two collections in our immediate timeline: Genesis NFTs and Proof of Participation NFTs.

NFT Utility

AAG NFTs will have direct benefits in line with our Staking Program – this is to incentivize the usage, as well as create a healthy market for our NFTs. The best example is our NFT Stacking Rewards function, which will boost your base capital staked by a certain percentage based on the NFT and the amount of NFTs you hold.
For example, if you are staking $1000 worth of $1AAG or LP Tokens and own an NFT that provides a 13% boost, your staked capital will be worth $1130 even though you have only deposited $1000, amplifying the rewards earned.
Furthermore, these NFTs can be stacked to further boost your base capital (with a maximum stack of 5 NFTs). For example, if you own two NFTs, where one has a 21% boost and the other 13%, the effective value of your staked capital will become 134% (or $1340 in the example above.)

Genesis NFTs

The 5 tiers of our Genesis NFT Set: Common, Uncommom, Rare, Epic, and Legendary
Genesis NFTs were created to reward IDO participants for their investment and support of AAG. A total of 964 NFTs were created on the Harmony Network in different tiers with the following split:
  • Legendary (+21% Boost): 19
  • Epic (+13% Boost): 69
  • Rare (+8% Boost): 183
  • Uncommon (+5% Boost): 316
  • Common (+3% Boost): 377
These NFTs were airdropped to our IDO participants’ wallets based on the following factors:
  1. 1.
    One NFT per wallet, regardless of the number of transactions in our IDO
  2. 2.
    IDO Purchase Price
  3. 3.
    IDO Time of Purchase
  4. 4.
    Amount in USDC across all transactions (i.e. bought minus sold)
  5. 5.
    Number of $AAG tokens purchased (i.e. bought minus sold)
Based on these five factors, we came up with a point system. As for criteria number five, if you sold everything back to the auction, you will still receive an NFT — but it will be a Common NFT only regardless of the points.