AAG Ventures

D. AAG Foundation

Doing Well By Doing Good - Nonprofit Initiatives


The AAG Foundation is essentially a nonprofit guild.
There are unique aspects to support the nonprofit initiatives which can be divided into 2 categories:
  • Advisor-led Initiatives: We have onboarded many advisors who will run a nonprofit project as part of the AAG Foundation or continue to run one they are already working on. As a member of the Foundation DAO, each member can vote to continue to support the effort.
  • Community-led Initiatives: These types of initiatives will be nominated by DAO members who have reached a certain participation level.
The AAG Nonprofit Foundation will allow us to execute initiatives that focus on creating economic freedom without concern for generating profit.


Create a self-sustained foundation that can continue to provide funds for charitable initiatives driven by the foundation advisors and the AAG community.


The initial target to achieve sustainability is to reach 1,000 scholars. AAG will provide the starting capital and expertise to achieve this.

Organizational Structure

AAG foundation will be led by a council of advisors who will be working independently from AAG Ventures.

Advisor-Led Initiatives

We will allocate up to 30% of total revenue from the foundation for advisor-led initiatives. AAG Foundation will empower our advisors to realize their visions of how AAG can positively impact the world. These initiatives will follow a certain set of criteria to ensure that the funds are used effectively.

Community-Led Initiatives

AAG community will be able to propose initiatives that token holders will vote on. AAG Foundation will provide a framework for tracking the progress and ensuring that the funds are used properly. (Donate-to-Earn and Volunteer-to-Earn)