AAG Ventures

C. Learn-To-Earn Platform

Enabling people to earn crypto while learning broadly applicable skills


What if you could harness the engagement potential of blockchain gaming, but also encourage people to learn skills that go beyond playing games and make them more employable? AAG Venture's answer to this is The Learn-To-Earn Platform, with this mission:

What will users be learning?

We have several initial hypotheses. Validation is in progress and we continue to accrue ideas:
  1. 1.
    Basic education – e.g., math, reading, science, or languages (e.g., English or Chinese)
  2. 2.
    Financial fitness – e.g., budgeting and personal finance; accounting and business fundamentals; basic economics; and real estate
  3. 3.
    Remote jobs training – e.g., training to become a customer service agent, bookkeeper, paralegal or executive assistant
  4. 4.
    Civic wellness and social good – e.g., local laws and governance; issues and candidates on the next ballot; health and wellness; and how to reduce one's carbon footprint
  5. 5.
    Information science – e.g., programming, data science, engineering, or investing
  6. 6.
    Building the metaverse – creating in the virtual world, 3D development and game design, implementation and testing
Ultimately we’ll have an L2E platform so that independent creators can produce educational content of their own (e.g., Skillshare with Crypto) and we believe that some of the best content will come from future creators and teach topics that we haven’t articulated yet. The next question you might ask is: where will the money come from?

Financial Incentives for L2E

In the short-term, investors of AAG L2E can play a large role in funding. This has proven significant in Play-To-Earn (PTE) and we posit will also be significant in L2E. For example, if the AAG Token were to reach a modest $2 value, then we anticipate that we could fund more than 150K scholars in the Philippines half of their minimum wage for participating in L2E earning with 25% of our Community & Ecosystem tokens.
In the long-term, organizations that are interested in enabling education will fund P2E. These organizations include:
  1. 1.
    Governmental entities – governments focused on creating social welfare will be interested in L2E efforts. E.g., we believe that some transfer payments (e.g., unemployment and welfare benefits) could be redirected to learn-to-earn efforts. This would be equivalent to “teaching someone how to fish instead of giving them fish.” Other budgets that are specifically geared towards education could also be used to incentivize these programs
  2. 2.
    Nonprofits and NGOs – non-profits and NGOs whose mission is global social welfare will be funding partners. E.g., we can imagine an NGO funding an L2E game for women in countries where women are oppressed that allows them to earn crypto for learning how to read. Such a project would empower women with money and knowledge in geographies where they may be denied access to both.
  3. 3.
    Companies – companies who want to make corporate learning (e.g., Six Sigma or harassment, sensitivity or leadership training) more interesting may want to allow their employees to earn crypto for completing courses
  4. 4.
    Sustainable token economies – we could create a self-sustaining economy, e.g., scholars pay tuition in AAG tokens and creators earn royalties in AAG tokens

Interconnected with the P2E Platform

As detailed in our Play-To-Earn Platform section, we emphasize key elements of Security and our Enterprise Microservices solutions. Such elements will continue to play a significant role in our L2E platform as we validate our ideas and develop this novel concept.
For more information on L2E, please read our Medium article with Republic Realm or contact [email protected]​