AAG Ventures

B. AAG Guild

Changing the lives of people worldwide, one scholar at a time

From Humble Beginnings

Achip & Achair Guild (AAG) is the story of FAITH & HOPE - as long as you have a "Chip ("Computer/Phone Chip") and a "Chair", you still have HOPE. It is the True Life Story of the 2 Filipino Co-Founders (Omar and Jayson) who asked me for funding and advice to help them launch their small little Guild. I felt led to support them and asked Jack to join us. We both jumped in. Then together, four of us built AAG into the 2nd largest PTE Guild in the world, in less than two months. We are blessed and grateful for this outstanding growth. AAG is bigger and better than we could have accomplished on our own."
- Co-Founder and Chairwoman, Nelly Sutjiadi
"AAG for me is...HOPE. Our experience with AAG is that it brought us from "nothing" to "something". Before AAG, my wife and I don't know where to get income to pay for our monthly bills. And now, it's different. We can pay our bills, we can also help our parents' bills. Both of our parents are playing, too. And before, they don't know where to get and how to buy their medicines. And now, by playing Axie Infinity, they're able to. It works for us. It works for our 1,500 scholars. I believe with the right partners, AAG can give access to many more people and change lives around the world, as it has done for me, my family, our scholars, and their families."
- Co-Founder and VP of Operations, Omar Moscoso

Our Fast-Tracked Growth

AAG quickly became one of the fastest-growing play-to-earn guilds in the world, reaching 1,500 scholars playing Axie Infinity in just seven weeks. Since then, we have continued expansion and now have 2,000 scholars located in seven countries: The Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Colombia, Nigeria, and Argentina.
AAG operates a 60/40 revenue split with our scholars, with the majority going to the scholars. This gives them the opportunity to make a living from their in-game earnings and allows AAG Ventures to use the revenue to support The Four Pillars: The Play-To-Earn Platform, Learn-To-Earn Platform, AAG Guild, and Nonprofit Foundation

The Future of AAG

Our goal is to democratize the Play-To-Earn ecosystem and bring 100M people into the metaverse by 2030. The Play-to-Earn market is expected to grow to 100x what it is today, and AAG wants to be at the forefront of this industry to help as many people as possible. Rather than competing with other guilds, we want to help them scale their operations and support more scholars who can generate an income while they play.
While the path to 100M users will be achieved through other guilds and the platform pillar, expanding our existing guild of 2,000 scholars will allow us to help more people achieve economic sufficiency immediately, expand across the globe, diversify across games, and most importantly gain insights on guilds’ pain points to inform our platform roadmap.