AAG Ventures

A. Play-To-Earn Platform

Building "picks and shovels" for guilds and becoming THE Backbone for Play-To-Earn (P2E).


Although we started off as a guild, our go-forward vision is to become the largest and most impactful Play-To-Earn platform. Rather than compete with other guilds, we want to help them scale their operations and enable them to support more scholars.
Imagine an environment that players, guilds, and investors come together and seamlessly interact through services that help them each get the most out of their relationships with one another.
That's exactly what the Play-To-Earn Platform is.
We believe that the Play-To-Earn space will likely grow 100x from where it is at the beginning of 2021 and aim to contribute to and accelerate that outcome.
We believe the 5 main players will be the following:
  1. 1.
    Video Game Studios and P2E Games
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
    Platforms for managing guilds
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    NFT lenders
The Play-To-Earn Platform is a one-stop shop for players, guilds, and investors. It provides robust solutions to the pain points associated with crypto gaming and the Play-To-Earn industry.

Game Library

The Game Library is a repository of games that you can access through our platform. When we partner with games, we vet them to ensure that they are high-quality and can integrate with our infrastructure. These games are added to the Game Library. You can browse and discover new games here.


We plan to have our own marketplace that also integrates into other marketplaces like OpenSea, Enjin, and of individual games.


The Player Dashboard is the main interface that you utilize as a player.
It features the following:
  • Overall Participation Stats - The amount of time spent you've spent playing each game
  • Overall Earning Stats - Your total earning yields and yield/hour for each game
  • Guild Search - You can search for and view guilds along with their application requirements and commission structures. Guilds will be able to view your stats across different games when you apply.
  • Guild Memberships/Scholarships - Your active Guild memberships/scholarships.
  • Guild-specific Stats - Your Guild-specific Status (if you are meeting earning requirements)
  • Player Earning Payout - Self-claim your reward tokens using the AAG Wallet which uses smart contracts to ensure that you will be paid
The Guild Dashboard is the main interface that you utilize as a guild manager.
It features the following:
  • Guild View - View each of your guilds
  • Member/Scholar Participation Stats - The number of hours played by members/scholars across all games on an overall guild or individual member/scholar basis
  • Member/Scholar Earning Stats - Guild Managers can view the yield and yield/hour on an overall or individual member/scholar basis
  • Recruiting -
  • Guild Management Tools - Guild Managers can access Guild Management Tools such as the Scholarship Payout Manager, Performance Monitoring and Coaching, In-Game Tools, and NFT Asset Intelligence

Guild Management Tools

Scholarship Payout Manager (SPM)

SPM enables guild managers to automate the payout of earned tokens to their scholars. Our smart contract allows a guild manager to customize the commission structure down to the individual scholar level.
SPM integrates with the AAG Wallet to allow a manager and scholar to specify the type of payout currency.

Performance Monitoring and Coaching (PMC)

PMC allows guild managers to create Key Performance Indicator (KPI) rules to monitor scholar performance. Guild Managers can customize these rules and set up alerts for drops in performance or unmet requirements.
PMC also provides a knowledge base for scholars such as tactic and strategy guides.
Using PMC, the scholars will monitor and optimize their own performance, maintaining motivation and productivity for themselves and their guilds.

NFT Asset Intelligence (NFT-AI)

As we continue to integrate deeper into each game, we will use data collected across our platform to help predict the profitability of each NFT asset by suggesting strategies for deployment, trade, etc.

Game Tools

These are tools that used to optimize in-game processes and make them more efficient.
For example, for our Axie Breeding Manager (ABM):
As the size of a guild grows exponentially, the time required for breeding increases drastically. The problem with breeding is not just the sheer number. A guild manager must also optimize the genes of parent Axies to increase the chance of yielding strong offspring.
Using ABM, a manager can specify a set of parameters and let the application optimize and automate this process.