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TomoOne P2E game & Gamification platform

Providing seamless interconnection of any games, products, and platforms through the unified gamification layer.
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In today's digital age, the landscape of app interaction is rapidly evolving, with gamification emerging as a cornerstone of user engagement. From e-commerce platforms that reward user purchases and reviews,and streaming services that unlock achievements based on content consumption, to productivity tools that celebrate task completions and streaks, the potential to gamify is everywhere. Whether it's the motivation derived from progressing in a language learning app, the thrill of climbing the leaderboards in a trivia app, or the satisfaction of mastering a new recipe in a cooking platform, gamification taps into fundamental human desires for achievement and recognition. As more industries recognize the power of gamified elements to boost loyalty, participation, and overall user satisfaction, it becomes clear that the future is one where virtually every app experience is enhanced through gamification. In this trajectory, it's not just about playing games; it's about making every digital interaction a rewarding journey.


A decentralized blockchain gamification platform, built around a unique NFT Collectable TomoOne Pet, our platform allows seamless interconnection of any games, products, and other platforms through the unified gamification layer. The platform is open to any developer or company who wants to build on top of it and enable a fun and gamified experience for their customer base.
  • Example 1: Imagine an augmented reality (AR) video training app. By integrating with the TomoOne Platform, this app can amplify its interactive training modules. When users complete an AR training session or achieve certain proficiency levels, they can earn skill points, obtain virtual equipment assets, or gather training tokens. All these rewards, secured on the blockchain, can be repurposed across various applications in the TomoOne ecosystem. Leveraging the ready-made API and widgets from TomoOne, the app can seamlessly introduce these enhancements, adding depth to its AR training without the hassle of seeking specialized Web3 developers or building the mechanics from scratch.
  • Example 2: Consider a language learning app, "LingoLeap". By integrating with the TomoOne Platform, "LingoLeap" can naturally gamify its user experience. When a user finishes a lesson, they gain knowledge points or receive airdrop assets and reward coins. These blockchain-based rewards have the advantage of being utilized across multiple apps within the TomoOne ecosystem. Utilizing TomoOne's pre-built API and widgets, "LingoLeap" can seamlessly introduce these features without starting from scratch. This integration circumvents the necessity for "LingoLeap" to employ specialized Web3 developers, streamlining the process.

Benefits for Businesses & Developers

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    Boost User Engagement: Foster a community where users are motivated to constantly engage, enhancing your app’s active user base through an interconnected ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    Expand Audience Reach and Brand Awareness: Showcase your app to a broader audience, creating avenues for new user acquisition. In-game mechanics motivate users to try new products in the platform’s ecosystem
  3. 3.
    Effortlessly integrate Web3 technology: Leveraging Web3 technology means stepping into a frontier of unparalleled opportunities. Standardized REST APIs and prebuilt wallet SDK modules enable any developer to integrate their product into the Web3 ecosystem and ensure top-level security and user experience.
  4. 4.
    Cut Down on Development Costs: Save on development time and costs by leveraging a built-in user base and interconnected ecosystem. Standard APIs allow a bridge from Web2 to Web3 without hiring expensive specialized developers or spending time and resources on training.
  5. 5.
    Personalized Insights While Upholding Privacy: Gain a deeper understanding of your users’ preferences and behaviors across various products in the ecosystem without compromising their privacy.

Benefits for customers

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    Unified Ecosystem: Immerse in a shared universe where your engagements across various products are recognized and rewarded.
  2. 2.
    A large variety of products and services: A rich diversity of products and services, all housed under one roof.
  3. 3.
    Data and Asset Portability: Ensure the safety and portability of your assets and collected value, granting you the freedom to migrate without loss or compromise.

In-game mechanics

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At the heart of the TomoOne platform is an intricate and engaging system of in-game mechanics, designed to intertwine seamlessly with diverse apps and platforms. Through Pet Development, users are motivated to interact frequently with integrated products, enhancing their digital pets across various metrics like happiness, intelligence, and strength. As users earn Charms, the native in-game currency, they unlock myriad opportunities, from enhancing their pets to accessing premium features. Moreover, with the league system, consistent engagement is further rewarded, granting users a competitive, yet fun, dimension to their experience. This integration not only elevates the user experience, but also presents a captivating way for apps to sustain user interest and activity.
Pet Development: Every digital pet owner is rewarded for interacting with products integrated into the TomoOne ecosystem. Each pet has six main stats:
  • Happiness - for daily care inside TomoOne Home (Feeding, Petting, Playing, etc.)
  • Charisma - for socializing with other pets and using personality development & entertainment products
  • Strength - for performing fitness & health actions
  • Intelligence - for participating in learning, strategy creation & self-development development activities.
  • Agility - for reaction, eye-to-hand coordination developing activities and games
  • Spirituality - for using religion, meditation, and mindfulness-related products
If a user forgets to develop one of these statistics for more than a few days, the pet becomes unhappy and the corresponding stat slowly starts decreasing until it reaches zero. The only way to keep the progress is to reach a higher level. After accumulating a certain amount of each stat, the user achieves the next level and that level persists for a lifetime.
During the integration, every partner is provided with an API key with rules regarding how much and which stats they can reward per single digital pet.
In-game currency:
For participating in various activities TomoOne owners are rewarded with Charms (ERC1155). Charms are the heartbeat of the TomoOne ecosystem. These tokens can be used to:
  • acquire unique assets & powers;
  • enhance pet stats;
  • acquire competition votes;
  • acquire tickets to airdrop events;
  • unlock premium features platform products;
  • exchange with other users;
Based on activeness and pet development level, pets are distributed to different leagues:
  • Wood
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Obsidian
  • Diamond
Participants for various events, airdrops, and competitions are grouped based on these leagues, which allows players from higher leagues to get access to better rewards.
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    Game platforms components

  • Home - the place where users can take care of their pet’s essentials, food, sleep, happiness, and assets, as well as manage stats, charms, and friends lists.
  • World - the place where users can find interesting products, airdrop events, and other interesting things.
  • Marketplace - the place where users can buy and sell their assets and special powers.
  • Showroom - the place where each month you showcase your pet's development and asset design in the cuteness competition. Players can cast their votes for their favorite entries. The top spot secures exclusive rewards for the pet owner.
  • Earnings hall - the place where users can use their charms to enter VIP E2E events where the tokens are distributed based on their level.

Engage2Earn (E2E)

The E2E aspect is very important for the TomoOne platform. On the other hand, the company acknowledges issues that other E2E projects face and provides the solution to a healthy ecosystem whereby players are not mainly motivated by the financial incentive, but by the quality and variety of integrated products. The tokenization aspect comes as a side incentive, which adds a bit more intrigue to the gameplay