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Saakuru All-in-One Crypto app

The Saakuru app is a simple, secure and easy gateway to all things web3 - store, send, receive, swap, and earn crypto assets to your wallet, play games, browse decentralized apps and associate your web3 assets to the real world with our super app. Saakuru provides best-in-class crypto wallet technology and a seamless user experience while being a custody wallet that eliminates the need for private keys, passphrases, or hardware wallets.

Saakuru is here to solve the issues that other wallets can’t:

  1. 1.
    Weakness in security - we give our users full ownership of their assets while also removing the need to manage the seed phrases - your email, password, pin and signature (Shamir’s secret sharing protocol) combination is a more trustworthy way to keep your assets secure.
  2. 2.
    Poor user experience - other existing wallets are too complicated for everyday people to easily participate in without first getting a PhD in “How to use a crypto wallet”.
  3. 3.
    Limited asset access - many other wallets only support very limited blockchains and assets on them. That's like giving 100 Pesos to Europeans - it’s cool but hard to figure out what to do with them while keeping their value.
What sets Saakuru apart is our unique feature set which enables the wallet to fit the needs of different kinds of users, from gamers to investors, from crypto newbies to advanced sharks of the industry:
  • No manual work - our automatic asset discovery will detect each asset that reaches your wallet at the same time it happened and will notify you about this.
  • Stay connected and manage your assets easily - connect to any decentralized application with one single Saakuru wallet and manage all your cross-platform assets in a single place.
  • Secure browsing and transactions - we protect our customers by providing a safe browser mode, which shows which sites can be trusted and blocks you from accessing scams that the world is aware of. Saakuru also scans the wallet addresses you are sending to make sure they are not related to any known scam activities and are in the correct format and structure.
  • Buy easily - We have an in-house buy option where we combine the most popular gateways to be reached within a couple of clicks and used easily to convert your assets from your local currency to any preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Swap with best rates in the market - Saakuru swap is the easiest swap option, offering one of the best competitive rates in the market and a huge range of currencies.
  • Sell crypto straight to your bank account or card - the sell button will enable you to convert your crypto assets to your local currency and withdraw them to your bank or credit card with a couple of clicks.
  • Unlock earning potential - earning options enabled by our referral program, Cashback, TomoOne game, AAG guild and countless other possibilities unlocked by Saakuru app.