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Scholar Testimonials

We believe it's necessary to showcase the real, life-changing stories behind our community. Please meet our happy, grateful AAG Scholars with their families - a highlight of "WHY" we do what we do.


Hi AAG Fam,
On behalf of my family, we would like to say thank you to Sir Elijah and his wife.
I am a mother of four. Three of them are in college and one is a sixth-grade student. Having three sons in college at the same is a tough and challenging role that many parents are facing.
I am on so many sidelines. I cook food for lunch and bring it to my office and sell it to my office mates. I bake cakes and other things that I know I can get a little income to support our needs.
I trust God and surrender everything to Him. Before I was advised by AAG, I was asked by a friend if I want to be an online agent of Lotto and Sabong. I tried but since I was not used to gambling, I didn't have any players.
An AAG rep texted me and advised that I be one of the scholars. I applied as a scholar through a friend and I didn't have any idea what AXIE was all about. Since my friend told me that I could earn there, I tried to look at YouTube to study.
I told myself God doesn’t want me to become a gambler that is why He gave me AAG.
When I got my first salary I was so happy and excited because I can now pay our bills. Not a usual month because every month when due dates are nearing I don’t know where to get the money.
With that, I am really grateful and happy to be part of the AAG Fam.
God Bless you, Sir Elijah, Mam Eulexandria, and the rest of the AAG staff.
God will continually bless you because of your good heart.
More power to you and To God be the Glory!

BRAZIL - Carlos L.

Due to the pandemic, my wife left her job to take care of our two children, one six years old and the other three years old. As a result, we only had an income of one minimum wage in Brazil, which is very low for a family. Bills started to accumulate and we had to save on many things. It reached the point where I had to sell my complete computer to cover the expenses.
One day, I talked to a childhood friend about my situation and said I needed to get a second job to have more favorable conditions. That's when he told me about a game called Axie Infinity and that it would need an initial investment of almost four minimum wages. I replied that this would be impossible because I no longer had credit with the banks. He then informed me that there was another option, which was to join a guild as he did. However, it is very difficult to enter a good guild, and it would take some time for me to get a scholarship. There were more Brazilian schools that he would not recommend because the earnings in Brazilian schools are very low. The average was 20% to 30% and it was not expected to go up. My friend was already part of AAG and recommended me. I waited a month and a half before being awarded a scholarship.
During my first month, SLP was on the rise and I earned double my salary. That's when I found the opportunity to help friends of mine who were in the same situation - fathers and mothers - and I started to teach them and whoever else came in. My wife, sister, and mother joined. That was very gratifying because I was seeing a great opportunity that would be changing my life and many other families. Today, I have more time at home and with my family and I'm getting credit in banks again. Thank you, AAG!


When the pandemic took a second toll in Indonesia, I lost my job.
After the next three months, all of our savings were gone. We have been in debt due to the loss of income. My husband is a driver who earns minimum wage, and since we still live in a rented house, his salary can't support our family expenses. I contacted Ludi to see if he could get a job for me. Any tiny bits to support my family.
He offered me AAG's scholarship program a month ago, a P2E income. I had small doubts about it but Ludi did not give up on persuading me about it, and finally, I agreed to try it. Thank God I listened to him and my inner thoughts. I joined the AAG force. A week afterward, my husband agreed to join me, as well as some of my friends. By the first week of this month, we got our first payment. We are so grateful. We are finally able to pay for our kids' school fees, help our parents to pay for their medical bills, and bury loved ones.
We thank the AAG support teams that are always ready to help us in reaching our daily quotas. We hope AAG keeps growing because many people have seen the changes in us and are willing to join the force.
Thanks again for making a change in our lives, AAG!