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Guild Friends

The Play-To-Earn space is much more than just a few big guilds. AAG Ventures is setting out to prove that collaboration between guilds will benefit the entire ecosystem
It might be common to think that there is a guild war going on among some of the largest guilds in the P2E space. What evolved in forums as a Cold War between guilds actually turns out to be a simple misconception. At its core, several guilds have similar missions to AAG and have a strong focus on their communities. Even with AAG Ventures shifting focus to our platform, we aim to provide a simplified and enhanced experience for our scholars and others who will be using our platform. Since both sides can see that we are aligned and understand that PTE isn’t about one-guild-win-all, we decided to form several Guild Friendships.

Friendships with Avocado Guild, Axie.Mx, and Legadzo Scholarship

We are proud to announce that Avocado Guild, AXIE.MX, and Legadzo Scholarship have decided to back us because they understand that our platform is a necessity, especially for smaller guilds that may not have enough funding or the technical know-how to develop their own software to support their operation. Guilds, regardless of their size, are essential for people to participate in the metaverse as the price to enter continues to skyrocket. The Play-To-Earn Platform will allow small and large guilds alike to become more efficient and to be able to focus on cultivating and bringing value to their communities.
We will continue to reach out to guilds for collaboration and learn about their challenges so that we can make sure that the AAG Platform can truly help solve what matters to them. If you are interested in joining us as a beta partner, please contact us at [email protected] or say hello to us on our Telegram channel.