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Thetan Arena

What is Thetan Arena?

Thetan Arena is an esports MOBA and Battle Royale game that revolves around the combination of personal skills and teamwork. Thetan Arena offers a groundbreaking, compelling gameplay experience boasting captivating graphics. Players can collect Heroes, playable characters, that come in a variety of types, rarity, and skins.
With over 5 million mobile downloads, Thetan Arena is rapidly growing and positioned to become one of the top play-to-earn games

Earning in Thetan Arena

Players can earn Thetan Coin ($THC) by competing and winning MOBA and Battle Royal matches. Each Hero has a maximum amount of $THC that can be earned per battle as well daily, which is determined by the rarity of the Hero.
Hero NFTs are required to earn in Thetan Arena and present a strong opportunity for guilds to utilize them for scholarships. Heroes can be upgraded to increase the amount of $THC earned and character stats. Additionally, they can be traded on Thetan Arena's marketplace.

Our Partnership with Thetan Arena

We partnered with Thetan Arena by adding 1,500 Thetan boxes, valued at $510,000, to our treasury of Play-to-Earn assets. The Hero NFTs obtained from the Thetan Boxes will be used to launch our Thetan Arena scholarship program.
Thetan Arena will be integrated into our play-to-earn platform. Any guild that uses the AAG Ventures platform will be able to automate their payroll management for scholars, monitor performance, coach scholars, leverage game tools, and view all statistics on their guild and players using our dashboard.
Last modified 1yr ago