AAG Ventures


What is Sipher?

Sipher is an open-world exploration game with MOBA gameplay. The cyberpunk-inspired Sipher world is made up of an expansive number of blocks: seemingly small on the outside but each having an immense and unique world to explore on the inside. There are options for both casual players and competitive players looking for ranked matchmaking through their dungeon style PvE and PvP MOBA gameplay.
Sipher's deep lore and and compelling art is sure to keep increasing their already impressive community.

Earning in Sipher

Players can earn Ather tokens through quests and battles and find them in dungeons. Ather token can be sold for real-world profit. It allows characters to equip skills and items. There is a limited amount of Ather that each player can receive and hold.
Guilds will fight for control of blocks, Sipher's in-game planets. The controlling guild will receive a percentage of the revenue produced by the block. Players can own individual tiles within a block. Once created, blocks will have ownership registered as an NFT and allow players to build facilities within them. Any changes to the block will be seamlessly recorded on the blockchain.

Our Partnership with Sipher

We partnered with Sipher by purchasing NFTs from 3 future races to add to our treasury of Play-To-Earn assets. Sipher demonstrated their commitment to the partnership by also investing in AAG Ventures’ private round.
Sipher will be integrated into our play-to-earn platform. Any guild that uses the AAG Ventures platform will be able to automate their payroll management for scholars, monitor performance, coach scholars, leverage game tools, and view all statistics on their guild and players using our dashboard.