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Immortal Game

What is Immortal Game?

Immortal Game is an online NFT chess gaming platform revolutionizing the game of chess. Traditional rules of the game are kept untouched but NFTs in form of chess pieces are introduced to add a new element. Players collect chess pieces (NFTs), each having unique powers to earn rewards, strategize, and breed. Chess is one of the oldest games with over 1 billion players around the world.

Earning in Immortal Game

Players can earn Grand Master Tokens ($GMT) by winning each game. $GMT earnings are dependent on the rarity of Immortal pieces (NFTs), side challenges, and league ranking. $GMT will be used for various game mechanisms such as evolving, breeding, and much more. Players can also earn $IGE (governance token) when they manage to reach top rankings in weekly competitions.

Our Partnership with Immortal Game

We partnered with Immortal Game by purchasing 50k USD worth of NFTs. These NFTs will be used to start our Immortal Game scholarship program. Immortal Game invested 50k in AAG Ventures' private round.
Immortal game will be integrated into our play-to-earn platform. Any guild that uses the AAG Ventures platform will be able to automate their payroll management for scholars, monitor performance, coach scholars, leverage game tools, and view all statistics on their guild and players using our dashboard.
Last modified 1yr ago