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Security is the top priority to us due to the demographic of users we are serving. 95% of our existing scholars are non-crypto-native people. Some never even had a mobile phone before. This means that they are highly susceptible to hack and scams.
We want to provide additional security to everyone. This includes all participants in our ecosystem including our own core team and scholars. We believe in the strongest terms that if we can eliminate the complexity that comes with the management of cryptocurrency, we can help accelerate the adoption of Play-To-Earn, Learn-To-Earn, and metaverse in general.
We have partnered with a number of security solutions organizations to ensure that these concerns are taken care of.


The Lossless protocol halts counterfeit transactions through various methods of fraud identification and reverses any stolen tokens back to the original owner. We will integrate its smart contract code into the AAG token and will provide security to the AAG flows throughout multiple guilds, P2E platforms, marketplaces, and games. AAG Ventures ecosystem players will have always have a Token Minter at their disposal, giving anyone the freedom to quickly and easily create an in-game utility token using the Lossless security plug-in.
We have selected Lossless as our partner in security because we both believe in this new world where the majority of people are non-crypto-savvy, an additional layer of security will provide the comfort required to make crypto transactions more accessible for all.
With our deep experience in enterprise software, we understand that security and hack mitigation is not something that you can just slap on top. By partnering with Lossless from the token generation event, we are ensuring that we have a stronger foundation to build upon.
Read more about our partnership here.


CYBAVO is a Blockchain Cybersecurity company building the future of secure digital asset management. CYBAVO VAULT delivers a suite of tools that integrates the most cutting-edge cryptography and security infrastructure with emerging blockchain layer 1 & 2 applications, DeFi, NFTs, and more to deliver what is more than an institutional wallet: a comprehensive, secure digital asset operations platform.
CYBAVO solution will be deployed from day one. We want to ensure that we tackle any potential risks upfront rather than patching our platform later as issues arise. We will then continue to collaborate with CYBAVO to utilize their Wallet SDK to expand the offering to our scholars, employees, and partners.
The solution leverages a robust security infrastructure that separates the rights to use private keys from the responsibility of keeping them secure, effectively mitigating threats from hacking, phishing, and other loss. The system runs in a custom security-hardened environment, leverages proprietary NIST-certified encryption algorithms, enhanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and cutting-edge Multi-Party Computation (MPC) private key generation algorithms to remove any single point of failure. It is also one of the few private key management platforms to be insured by a global S&P AA-rated insurance underwriter.
Read more about our partnership here.

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