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We take things very seriously when it comes to building a scalable platform. With our deep knowledge and experience in enterprise software development, we intend to create the right foundation so that we can develop applications much faster without compromising the quality, security, scalability, performance, and manageability. This is going to be one of the key differentiating factors in the long run when it comes to the ability to become the backbone of metaverses.

Project Titan

Project Titan provides one framework and platform for building and deploying our microservices. Our goal is to provide a lightweight, scalable, high performance, high availability, simple, and easy-to-learn platform. This is not only for developing services, but also for standardizing how service-to-service interacts with each other, are scaled, deployed, and managed.
Project Titan Service Grid

Microservices Architecture

We adapted the microservice architecture as the core of Project Titan not only because of its popularity but because it also scales better for both development and performance. As a rapidly growing startup, we need flexibility, faster innovation, and to be prepared for the exploration stage.
But the benefits of microservices don’t come for free as there are many more moving parts than traditional monolithic applications. Designing, deploying, and managing microservices pose a challenge. Project Titan is a framework as well as a platform. We standardize how services are built and deployed, provide a set of common supporting services, and share schema in a central repository.
Developers focus on defining service definitions — including interface, data type, data store, dependency, configuration variables, and API endpoint where security can be defined based on user roles/execution context in a standard way. DevOps deploy service instances which are the service definition + deployment variable on the service grid through an admin console.
In addition, every service will have a built-in concept of space where we can logically and physically separate the services for a different domain easily at deployment time.
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