AAG Ventures

About AAG

Creating Economic Freedom Worldwide through the Metaverse Economy
From the beginning of the operation, our mission was to create economic freedom to help those in need worldwide who were suffering from unemployment due to COVID-19. So far (as of Dec 2021), we have expanded into seven countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, Nigeria, and Argentina) and are exploring many more markets. We have witnessed unprecedented, life-changing positive impact on the lives of our scholars (people who earn money while playing games), their families, and the community. They generate significant income, which can be used for food, rent, medication, and other living essentials.
Most importantly, AAG Ventures empowers our scholars to change their lives and inspires them to "Pay It Forward" to impact the lives of others. We are receiving overwhelming gratitude and "Thank You's" daily, beyond what words can describe. We have thousands of scholarship applicants worldwide waiting for a chance to become part of the AAG Community.
We aim to create maximal participation in the metaverse, enhance the Play-To-Earn ecosystem at large, spearhead the Learn-To-Earn industry and make the metaverse a force of good in the world.
We humbly invite you to join the AAG Family in our venture and journey of "Doing Well By Doing Good" together.