AAG Ventures


AAG Ventures is the tech company that built a guild of 1.5K scholars in only 7 weeks (currently 2K scholars in 7 countries). Going forward, AAG is positioned to become the leading platform for Play-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn.
Our mission is to Create Economic Freedom Worldwide through the Metaverse Economy
Our goal is to democratize the Play-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn ecosystems and bring 100M people into the metaverse by 2030

Our Vision: The Four Pillars

We will achieve our mission and goal through a 4 pillar strategy.
Launch THE Play-To-Earn platform. This platform will provide “picks and shovels” for guilds and be the backbone for Play-To-Earn. Features that will go into beta in 22Q1 include wallet security, payroll automation, and performance management.

Pillar B: AAG Guild

Expand the AAG Guild. This will allow us to generate immediate economic impact, expand across the globe (from 7 to 20 countries), diversify across games, and gain first-hand insight on how to build the Play-To-Earn and Learn-To-Earn platforms.
Launch the world’s first Learn-To-Earn platform. Learn-To-Earn applications will pay participants crypto for learning transferable skills (e.g., math, programming, or even how to build the Metaverse) through a gamified experience. Features from the Play-To-Earn platform will accelerate this pillar.

Pillar D: AAG Foundation

Stand up the AAG Foundation. This is essentially a nonprofit guild and will allow us to execute initiatives that focus on creating economic freedom without concern for generating profit.
AAG’s team represents 17 countries and is comprised of 15 full-time and 45 total members. It includes boots-on-the-ground in SE Asia and LATAM, crypto natives, and veterans of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. The team includes 80+ years of combined software and operations experience (incl., Google, JPMorgan, TIBCO, and McKinsey).
AAG raised $12.5M in a private round from stellar backers and led by Shima Capital, Tribe Capital, and Tess Ventures.
AAG has forged deep bonds with many (16+ and increasing weekly) P2E projects in blockchain security and infrastructure; guild; gaming; and NFT Lending:
  • Blockchain security and infrastructure: Lossless, CYBAVO, Harmony, Login ID, Hacken
  • Guilds: Avocado, Legadzo Scholarship, AXIE.MX
  • Gaming: Sipher, Thetan Arena, Vulcan Forged, Community Gaming, CUKIES.World, Immortal Game, De-Horizon
  • NFT Lending: RentMyNFT
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